7.31.15 | Second Chances
Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution

I Broke My Neck and My Soul Began to Breathe. Or The Gifts of Hopelessness
Dr. Dan Gottlieb is an author, speaker, radio host, and a self titled “teacher of kindness.” Despite his adversities and hardships throughout his life, Dr. Gottlieb has persevered by observing life with passion and learning valuable lessons about what it means to be human. His latest book “The Wisdom We’re Born With: restoring faith in ourselves” has rave reviews from mental health professionals around the country.  He has delivered over 1000 lectures all over the world on a variety of topics affecting the well-being of people, families and the larger community. SEE DAN'S TALK HERE

Second Chances and Redemption
Ami Temple is 38 years old and is from Smyrna, Delaware. She is the mother to three beautiful children and is very close with her family. Within the first year of her 10 year sentence, she has completed the 6 for 1 Program, a behavior modification/residential community for substance abusers. Ami works as a Prep Cook in the facility kitchen, attends AA and Victim’s Impact, and is also a member of the Garden Club. While here, she has developed a passion for helping others who struggle with addiction. She plans to work as a substance abuse counselor upon release. SEE AMI'S TALK HERE

Second Chances Shouldn’t be a Privilege
Patricia Beebe is the President & CEO of the Food Bank of Delaware. She has a strong passion for hunger relief efforts. In her role at the Food Bank of Delaware Beebe strategically engages community members, foundations and other public and private sectors to form vital partnerships that advance the organization’s mission of providing long-term solutions to the problems of hunger and poverty throughout Delaware. Patricia created a professional culinary training certification program that provides opportunities to unemployed and under-employed individuals and community members re-entering from correctional facilities each year. SEE PATRICIA'S TALK HERE

Second Chances and Redemption

Literally growing up within prison walls, Lakisha Short has discovered her purpose through her struggles. Serving a 55 year sentence, she maintains by sharing her story. Utilizing her talents, she has developed a creative way of change – encouraging, inspiring, and empowering others. SEE LAKISHA'S TALK HERE

Exercise Curiosity: The Wonder Right Under Your Nose
Joe Del Tufo is a photographer, husband, father and a man on a journey to discover. Being a photographer has forced Joe to slow down and ask more questions about the world he inhabits. He believes that photography, like all art, is ultimately a form of communication. His goal is to find a voice that is both unique and inspirational, and share it as much as possible. He says that life is a journey about rediscovering something that we are already wired with, that we tend to lose track of as we become adults. SEE JOE'S TALK HERE

Second Chances and Redemption

LaToya McDuffie is 33 years old and was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. When she came to BWCI (Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution), 9 1/2 years ago, she was 24 years old with a 9th grade education. She has since obtained her GED and high school diploma, has completed two college courses, and transformed into a virtuous woman. LaToya has benefited from growing up at BWCI by working through her issues while attending Mental Health groups and counseling. She has become a mentor and a “big sister” to some of her peers. SEE LATOYA'S TALK HERE

Let's Talk About Mental Illness
Chris Darling helps bridge the chasm between the stigma of mental illness and society’s reluctance to discuss it. As a community leader, Chris’s platform fuels her mission to motivate audiences to talk about mental illness more openly. As someone who lives with her own mental illness, she inspires through stories - some harrowing, some hilarious - all designed to connect a wider audience with this “taboo” topic in a relatable way. Chris is founder and owner of Darling SEO, and an active member of the Christiana Rotary Club. SEE CHRIS'S TALK HERE

Second Chances and Redemption

Trudy Downs entered prison at the age of 32 and has served over 23 years of a 35 year sentence. While participating in numerous programs, mental health groups and Bible courses, Trudy has become a devoted Christian. She aspires to enter the ministry to counsel others who have been beaten down by life’s circumstances, helping them to attain a renewed sense of self-worth.  SEE TRUDY'S TALK HERE

The Art Studio As Community Inclusion & NIMBY Reduction Strategy:
The Story of The Creative Vision Factory
Michael Kalmbach has a serious passion for helping people in his community through art. He worked at the Delaware College of Art & Design, there he founded the New Wilmington Art Association, an organization that organized exhibitions of contemporary art in Wilmington’s vacant retail spaces. In 2011 Michael developed and opened the Creative Vision Factory in downtown Wilmington, which fosters the creative potential of individuals on the behavioral health spectrum in a studio art environment that cultivates integration with the local community through a program of exhibitions, workshops, and communal workspace. SEE MICHAEL'S TALK HERE 

Second Chances and Redemption

Amanda Lemon is a 32 year old mother of three wonderful children and serving a 10 year sentence. She is originally from Boston, Massachusetts and has been has been living in Delaware for 15 years. She is a positive and outgoing person with a bubbly personality. Since being at BWCI (Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution), she has honed in on her culinary skills and now is inspired to be a Food Truck owner. Amanda Lemon has been active in her treatment and recovery by completing all of the programs offered to her. In addition, she is currently participating in SOAR, Survivors Of Abuse In Recovery. She looks forward to continuing her journey on the path to success. SEE AMANDA'S TALK HERE

Discover Your Inner Leader
Sharon Kelly Hake is the President & CEO of Great Dames, Inc. – a social enterprise that provides services and opportunities for women to enhance their personal and professional leadership abilities while creating a legacy. Formerly Sharon had a very successful career as a global marketing and strategy leader at DuPont, during which she learned from her global colleagues, travelled extensively and lived abroad. She was taught by her father the value of creating a legacy which transpired into her founding Great Dames. She is an inspiration in her community connecting kindred spirits with purpose to activate their strengths.  SEE SHARON'S TALK HERE

Second Chances and Redemption
Melissa Hutchison is 34 years old and serving a 10 year sentence at BWCI (Baylor Women’s Correctional Institution). Her past may be what some would call traumatic, sad, and filled with grief, but none of this is holding her back from reaching her goals and thriving in the system. Her passions include culinary arts, writing, and helping others realize that they can also reach their goals. SEE MELISSA'S TALK HERE


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